Séminaire virtuel: vendredi 12 janvier 2024
Aline Marguet (INRIA)

Lien Zoom

  • Meeting ID: 867 6409 6440
  • passcode: 149120

13h00 - 13h50 – Aline Marguet (INRIA)

Stochastic gene expression: Modelling and inference from lineage trees

Modern experimental technologies enable monitoring of gene expression dynamics in individual cells and quantification of its variability in isogenic microbial populations. Among the sources of this variability is the randomness that affects inheritance of gene expression factors at cell division. In this talk, I will present a stochastic model for the evolution of gene expression dynamics in a population of dividing cells and associated inference methods for direct quantification of inheritance and variability of cells parameters from single-cell gene expression and lineage data, (i) under the assumption of known parental relationships, (ii) in the case where only the generation that cells belong to is known, while parental relationships are unknown. This is joint work with Eugenio Cinquemani, Marc Lavielle and Emrys Reginato.

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