Séminaire virtuel: vendredi 10 mars 2023
Galadriel Brière

Lien Zoom

  • Meeting ID: 867 6409 6440
  • passcode: 149120

13h00 - 13h50 – Galadriel Brière (Marseille)

Network-based approach for multi-group differential co-expression analysis

Differential co-expression analysis aim to identify perturbations in gene co-expression in response to a disease, a stress or any experimental condition of interest, compared to a reference state. Comparing co-expression dysregulations across a set of experimental designs could highlight key signatures of gene response to various perturbations.

In this talk, I will describe an intuitive strategy for identifying groups of differentially co-expressed gene pairs, (i.e., differentially co-expressed links, in multi-layer differential co-expression networks) and its application to detect and characterize differential co-expression patterns induced in the cortex and the hippocampus of 5xFAD mice, models of Alzheimer’s disease.

The strategy is based on the idea of link clustering, an innovative way of defining communities in networks. Differentially co-expressed links are grouped according to their similarity in terms of topological proximity and co-occurrence score in the multi-layer differential co-expression network.

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