Séminaire virtuel: vendredi 3 juin 2022
Kevin Perrot (LIS, Marseille)

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  • Meeting ID: 867 6409 6440
  • passcode: 149120

13h00 - 13h50 – Kevin Perrot (LIS, Marseille)

Automata network’s interaction graph and complexity

Boolean automata networks (BANs) are a very general model of entities in interaction: n nodes are each given a local function from {0,1}^n to {0,1} describing how its state evolves in discrete time steps (nodes apply their local function in parallel). It can give any deterministic dynamics on state space {0,1}^n. The interaction graph (IG) of a BAN captures the effective dependencies among its nodes. We will review the computational complexity of two problems: 1) given the local functions encoded as circuits, compute the IG; 2) given the IG with signed arcs, decide bounds on the max/min possible number of fixed points in the dynamics. We will underline important complexity drops when the degree of interactions is bounded, and open large perspectives on these subjects.

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