Séminaire virtuel: vendredi 7 mai 2021
Matthias Függer (CNRS / ENS Paris-Saclay) et Danilo Dursoniah (CRIStAL / Lille)

13h00 - 13h30 – Matthias Függer (CNRS / ENS Paris-Saclay)

Distributed Computation with Continual Population Growth.

The talk is on recent work towards distributed crcuits within growing bacterial systems. We will focus on majority consensus that plays a key role in tolerating noise within such circuits and discuss the performance and correctness of an algorithm. The talk is based on work with Da-Jung Cho, Corbin Hopper, Manish Kushwaha, Thomas Nowak, and Quentin Soubeyran.

13h30 - 14h00 – Danilo Dursoniah (CRIStAL / Lille)

Limits of a Glucose-Insulin Model to Investigate Intestinal Absorption in Type 2 Diabetes.

Abnormal regulation of glucose absorption in the small intestine is an important cause of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). Even if this hypothesis is clinically well-known, it has not been fundamentally validated yet, mainly due to a lack of reliable metabolic knowledge on the glucose regulation. We aim to test this hypothesis on a highly referenced model composed of ordinary differential equations, published by Dalla Man & al. in 2007. This model is tested by trying to infer reliable parameters from differents original datasets: one featuring the observations of obese diabetic patients, the other from minipigs undergoing several experimental conditions such as intestinal surgery or pancreatectomy. This latter dataset is more reliable than humans due to the relatively low variability between the individuals. In both cases, our work shows the model’s limits to predict our post-prandial glycemia and insulinemia time series especially with regard to the crucial complexity of gastro-intestinal regulation.

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